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Donkey's Quest Press offers children the chance to see through the eyes of very human Biblical heroes.

Making Connections

We produce exciting, Biblically based books for children that connect geographic features, history, and sometimes even legendary lore, with stories in the New Testament. Instead of a rephrased narrative, each book offers a compelling story with an engaging beginning, exciting climax, and spiritually uplifting conclusion, all while remaining true to the Biblical account.

Our focus is always on child-oriented themes, such as ups and downs of friendship, or the exploration of what's real and possible. Endnotes add interesting facts about the books' heroes and features of the Holy Land.


how Peter Fished the Springs of Galilee came about

When Claire Bahamon visited the region around the Sea of Galilee, it was green with fields of grass, wheat, and even banana trees. It felt so different from the rocky hillsides around Jerusalem and the steamy, dry Jordan River Valley. Yet Galilee was where Jesus spent most of his time preaching about the coming of God's Kingdom, not in the desert, but in a land where things grow. There was a message of abundance there. 

The area of Tabgha or the Seven Springs peaked her interest because so many Biblical events happened nearby. Researching this area, she discovered a connection with prime fishing grounds, which would have been a source of wellbeing for fishermen like Peter.

Was Peter a friend of Jesus? At Peter's house in Capernaum are signs of an early church, signs that would commemorate Jesus's presence in that home. Sharing meals and evening talks, Peter and Jesus could have become close friends. And what a challenging friendship it must have been for Peter, who already had a settled life! 

These are the kinds of features that are woven into our books. Check back every once in a while to see what's cooking.